Meet our cast! More headshots and actor biographies are coming soon. Throughout the rehearsal process we will be highlighting various cast members with video interviews. Stay tuned.

Mouna Rmiki Bio coming soon!







Soufiane Mazin, 23 years old, was born in Tangier, Morocco to parents of both Riffian and Jebli cultural backgrounds. Though it is the city of Tangier that Soufiane considers his greatest source of inspiration. Soufiane’s love for music and singing led him to join the “Al Boughaz” choir and a local piano conservatory.  He has always felt comfortable on the stage, so it is natural that he is bringing his talents to his lead role in our production. Soufiane thanks his family and friends for their continued support and encouragement. “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.”


Jaouad Zebroun

Jaouad Zebroun, was born and raised in Tangier, Morocco, one of the world’s most incredible coastal cities that is sometimes called the “Bride of the North.” Jawad is very appreciative of Tangier’s openness to Western cultures, and is especially excited to participate in this cross-cultural collaboration. He is currently working on his Master’s Degree in Information Technology. Since he was young, Jawad has had big dreams of pursuing his passion for acting and dancing. Yet, his close friends and family have helped him to never lose that sense of “fun” along the way. His idols are Johnny Depp and Hrithik Roshan


Fatima Zohra LahouitarFatima Zohra Lahouitar Bio coming soon!







Mustapha KhounaMustapha Khouna Bio coming soon!







llyass Bouchrillyass Bouchri est né à Tanger en juin 1988, il a suivi ces études en biologie à la FST de Tanger et puis a L’IFCST, actuellement il est infirmier polyvalent et membre de la troupe officiel du théâtre municipal Mohamed Elhaddad de Tanger, il a participer à 7 pièces théâtrales dont il a écrit et réaliser 2, SOLTANA (2009) suivie de NUIT DE FOLIE (2010 – GRAND PRIX AU FESTIVAL NATIONAL DE LA CULTURE) suivie de 2 court-métrages, SCANDALE (2010) et MAISON DE PLAISIR (2010 – prix de meilleur scenario au festival de malaga), Ilyass trouve que F7ALI F7ALI et une grande opportunité qui a réunit les jeunes artistes de Tanger en un seul projet.


Ikram Ibin El YazydIkram Ibin El Yazyd is a senior in high school here in Tangier, where she was born and raised. In addition to studying English literature at school, Ikram enjoys photography, writing music, and dancing. F7ALI F7ALEK is her first professional production and finds acting as a fulfilling form of self expression. She eagerly brings her sense of humor and sociability to her role in the show.




Hajar Chahmoti Bio coming soon!








Saif Eddine Ait Moussa Bio coming soon!








Jihane El KhalouiJihane El Khaloui Bio coming soon!


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