George Bajalia is a theatre artist based in Chicago, Illinois, and a current Fulbright researcher in Morocco. He is currently working in Tangier, where he studies cultural globalization and its impact on Moroccan culture, specifically in the performing arts. A graduate of Northwestern University, he has worked with the Steppenwolf Theatre, The Goodman Theatre, in addition to smaller university companies in Chicago. His academic work focuses on cultural circulation and the ways in which globalization is influencing the social hierarchies of post-colonial nations. After his time in Morocco, he will be returning to Chicago to continue his work in theatre, and to pursue his doctorate.


Tom Casserly is a theatre producer, foodie, and semi-professional slow pitch softball player living in New York City. He is a member of the Three Producers collective, whose last project, Peter and the Starcatcher, won 5 Tony Awards in 2012 ( Since graduating from Northwestern University, Tom has worked for David H. Bell, 321 Theatrical Management, Megan Larche, Barbara Whitman, Christopher Ashley, and as a casting assistant to Robert Ulrich on The Glee Project (Seasons 1 and 2.) He has also produced workshops, shows, and concerts for Northwestern University, the American Music Theatre Project, and at the Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York.


Zakaria Alilech is a translator born and raised in Tangier. Fluent in Arabic, French, Spanish and English he works with various combinations. He has been involved in different kinds of projects  translating movie scripts, subtitles, audiovisual material and various documents for different institutions. He’s also part of the Babels team of volunteer interpreters, which covers the simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for the Word Social Forum.

Digital Media Director

Eric Branholm is a recent alumnus of Loyola University Chicago where he earned bachelor’s degrees in International Studies and Communication Studies. Since graduating from Loyola, Mr. Branholm has been working with different youth development programs in and around Chicago. He is excited to bring his talents as a writer and blogger to this creative team.


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